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Unclean Water

This list was somewhat of an experiment for myself, I decided to search for and track reports of unclean water throughout the United States for the year 2016. I suspect there are many locations that I missed, but this is the best I could do.

I wanted to do this after the reports from Flint began to gain national attention. These reports are not centered around lead contamination, but overall, I think, point to a massive failure in our infrastructure. Some of these reports say that the brown water may be safe to drink, but brown water shouldn’t be our new standard of normal. We’ve got an infrastructure problem, and I think this list shows just how ubiquitous it is. Concerned people in Flint were lied to: they were initially told their water was safe to drink. Maybe they’re not the only ones.

  1. Flint, Michigan
  2. Kingwood, Texas
  3. Springdale, Pennsylvania
  4. St. Joseph, Louisiana [December update]
  5. Crystal City, Texas
  6. Jackson, Mississippi
  7. Manor, Texas
  8. Elwood, Indiana
  9. Raleigh, North Carolina
  10. Sebring, Ohio
  11. Newark, New Jersey
  12. Watts, L.A., California
  13. Newburgh, New York
  14. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  15. St. Clair Shores, Michigan
  16. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
  17. Fairmont, Minnesota
  18. Horsham, Pennsylvania
  19. Lomita, California
  20. Patton, Pennsylvania
  21. Clarkston, Georgia
  22. Corpus Christi, Texas
  23. Spokane, Washington
  24. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  25. Portland, Oregon
  26. Lahaina, Hawaii
  27. Manhattan, Montana
  28. Bedford, New Hampshire
  29. Lawrence County and Morgan County, Alabama
  30. Hanson, Massachusetts
  31. Compton, California
  32. Canton, North Carolina
  33. Medford, Oregon
  34. Fresno, California
  35. Kewaunee County, Wisconsin
  36. Uxbridge, Massachusetts
  37. Lindsay, Oklahoma
  38. Salina, Kansas
  39. Litchfield Park, Arizona
  40. Malverne, New York
  41. Norton, Massachusetts
  42. Dearborn Heights, Michigan
  43. Washington, D.C.
  44. Mon-E-Bak, Franklin County, Ohio
  45. Harris County, Texas
  46. Lawton, Oklahoma
  47. Meridian, Mississippi
  48. Okmulgee, Oklahoma
  49. Abilene, Texas
  50. Goleta, California
  51. Fonda, New York
  52. Jeffersonville, Indiana
  53. Richmond County, North Carolina
  54. Hominy, Oklahoma
  55. Berwick, Maine
  56. Endicott, New York
  57. Maple Shade Township, New Jersey
  58. Guthrie, Oklahoma
  59. Johnson County and Pope County, Illinois
  60. Bridge City, Texas
  61. Rowan University, New Jersey
  62. Ponchatoula, Louisiana
  63. Cheverly, Maryland
  64. Cattaraugus, New York
  65. Butler County, Pennsylvania
  66. Cohoes, New York
  67. Lockwood, Nevada
  68. Parkhaven, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  69. Niles, Ohio
  70. East Chicago, Indiana
  71. Gary, West Virginia
  72. Downtown Pensacola, Florida
  73. Columbia, South Carolina
  74. South Pierce County, Washington
  75. Charleston Park, Lee County, Florida